Yuna to the stars

Yuna to the stars


연아야 고마워! Thank you, Yuna!

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Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well!

As i mentioned in my last post, this one is going to be about my first experience of All That Skate!!! I tell you, this was the BEST Golden Week I`ve ever had! And it was the BEST ice show i`ve ever attended (i did a lot btw ;))! Not the cast or lightening made it perfect, no, i wouldn`t say it was the best i`ve seen so far, it was Yuna, her presence, that atmosphere between fans, that is what made it perfect to me!

When i met Backstreet Boys last year, when Brian Littrell sang “am i the only one?” looking straight to my camera, when i even took a picture with the guys, i thought i couldn`t be happier, but i was wrong ❤❤❤

So, let me go through my stay step by step starting from the day i…

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