Hot Hotel: The Shells Resort, Pho Quoc, Vietnam



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Pho Quoc is an island often overlooked by tourists when they visit Vietnam – heading for the cities that are so well documented, but is a hidden gem. Offering some much needed rest bite, Pho Quoc is only a short flight from Ho Chi Minh and prides itself on its naturally white beaches which slope gently into the warm waters. This year saw a new addition to the island, in the form of 5* luxury hotel, The Shells Resort & Spa. You can imagine our delight when we were invited to experience the hotel first hand – our jobs really are tough at times.


The resort is located 5-10 minutes away from the closest town, which is a welcomed relief from the hustle and bustle experienced in many of the other areas. As the complimentary transfer brings you along the freshly laid driveway to the hotel, you’re greeted by the most…

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Hot Hospitality: The Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Singapore.


Born and bred in Singapore, I thought it fitting to do my first ‘Hot Hospitality’ rating blog about it. One thing that Singapore has in the dozens is hotels. It is a tourist Mecca with it’s numerous attractions, wonderful cuisine, fantastic warm weather and superb position as the gateway to Asia. A lot of people I have met over the years, have always responded the same way when I tell them I’m from Singapore. Either they say, ‘Oh it’s so beautiful, everything is so clean and I hear that if you litter or chew gum, you have to pay a huge fine’ OR ‘I’ve heard so much about it but only been through Singapore Changi Airport which by the way is an amazing airport, they even have a swimming pool and cinema!’. Both accounts are true and one thing Singapore has is outstanding hospitality and some awesome hotels. So as…

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Wonderful Way Of Delivering Service

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That is the meaning of WOW. The ones that I prefer. There is many more acronym as to delivering the WOW service. But why is it so difficult to deliver this type of service in our service sector?
I was in Jakarta the other day, staying in both 5 star and also a boutique hotel. The service with a smile, greetings and helpful attitude all the way seems to be a culture in whatever establishment of the hotel. From a 5 star to even the lowest of the hotel, the service is total friendliness. It seems to be a standard culture, from the shopping arcade to the best of the hotel industries.
Now turning back to our industries, with the coming of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014, I believe that we have to buck up our attitude into serving the guests (foreign and locals) to the best of our abilities.

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