Nutella: 12 different ways to eat it


Some may argue the very best way to eat Nutella is straight out of the jar with a spoon, fork, finger or whatever you can get your hands on.

But after reading this you may be inclined to disagree. Nutella with waffles, peanut butter and Pringles? Hell yes.

Even if oddly brilliant food combinations aren’t your thing you’re sure to find something you’d be happy to chow down on every day for the rest of your life here…

1. Hot Nutella

Add a heaped desert spoon of Nutella to 1/4 cup of warm milk, stir until melted.

Pour into your favourite mug and top off with marshmallows.

2. With figs and bluberries on toast

3. Inside cinnamon doughnuts 

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Top 5 Cafes in Ulsan, South Korea

Indigo Blue Horizons


5. The Cat Cafe, Mugeodong (Namgu)


In the leafy university district lies this phenomenon popular for couples on a date. Pay a small entry fee, enjoy a free cappuccino and play with the scores of felines running around.

4. Tom n Toms, Ilsan Beach (Dong-gu)


In the east part of the city, also known as Foreignertown due to the volume of Western engineers and English teachers, grab a mint mocha and enjoy the beach views. The pine forest is nearby for a scenic hike.

3. Starbucks, Samsandong (Jung-gu)


If you find yourself in the concrete jungle that is Samsandong, with the bustling Lotte franchises looming in all directions, take a rest and enjoy some people watching on the most commercial thoroughfare through the windows of downtown Starbucks. Also, head here at Christmas and enjoy the green and red festive decor you may not find elsewhere in the city.

2. Caffe…

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You need this amazing pizza cone set from Amazon in your kitchen immediately


pizza cone set amazon Admit it, you want one of these right now (Picture: Amazon)

You know what you need more of in your life? Pizzas that look like ice creams.

Amazon are selling this amazing pizza cone-making set and it’s all kinds of incredible – like a sexier, summerier version of a calzone.

Just imagine how good your dinner will look on Instagram if you use one of these. At least 14 times better than something from Meat Liquor or Duck and Waffle. Probs.

Despite the fact you’ve probably already added it to your pay day wish list, just understand that it only costs $14.14 (just over a tenner in English money). Absolute bargain.

But the pizza cone maker here.

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pizza cone set amazon The six piece set leads to absolute food heaven (Picture: Amazon)

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