13 reasons having a dog is way better than having a partner


Portrait of smiling Golden Retriever I beat any boyfriend or girlfriend (Picture: Getty)

If you’re single, looking for love, feeling lonely, desperate for a partner to share your journey… then you might want to look no further than a dog.

There’s no need to shackle yourself to another human being when our four legged friends can offer so much more than a standard boyfriend or girlfriend.

They provide comfort and company without question or judgement. Dog lovers know that man’s best friend is just that, and then some.

Which two legged partner can offer you this in a relationship?

1. No expectations 

PARTNER: We never do anything together any more. You’ve put on a few pounds. You’ve let yourself go.

DOG: You always look great. Can I sit on your lap?

2. No judgement 

PARTNER: Why do you like these rubbish books and films so much?

DOG: Shall we watch Pretty Woman on the sofa again?…

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