Viki Čerček workshop

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It was awesome although it was advance level like I manage to get the moves thanks to all my past experiences with other class and teachers
She was so happy about the photo I made and hugged me so so many times~
we had a good chat also but she kinda lost her voice,dont blame her cuz of her previous classes


10 Awesome Dance Videos

Theezy Knows Best


So it’s Friday, and you’re ready to turn up.

I decided to get your weekend off right by listing some of the best dance videos of recent memory.

Music videos can either propel a song, or kill them. I’m usually a big fan of them when they are done right and not pieced together at the last minute. Plus, with video streams counting toward the Billboard Hot 100 it’s imperative to make a video of quality.

These videos should not only raise your spirits, but give you the confidence in yourself to break these moves out this weekend. Remember, I’m all about the soul train life, so here are some of the ways you can really be the life of the party.

I’m going to make another one of these eventually. So if I forgot your one of your favorites feel free to let me know how pressed you are…

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