Eastern Bluebird

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The royal blue of the Eastern Bluebird is always a pleasure to see this time of year. Their sweet songs and vibrant colors are a welcome sign of Spring. You may notice birdhouse boxes in many parks and backyards built for them which has helped to boost their population over recent decades. This has followed a long decline due to loss of habitat.



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Crocodiles can go for years without eating anything

World-of-Animals-Crocodile-616x410Believe it or not, these fierce carnivores can survive for ages without a meal

Despite their reputation as ferocious carnivores, crocodiles don’t actually need to eat regularly to survive. They are cold-blooded (or “ectotherms”), so they don’t need such a high metabolism because they use the environment to gain body heat. They bask in the sun when they are cold and find water or shade when they get too hot.

A crocodile’s metabolism is also incredibly efficient. Their bodies will use up almost every molecule of the food that they eat. Although most crocodiles will hunt as often as they can – consuming about 50 full meals a year – if there is no food available they are able to survive for over a year without eating. They seem to shut down and live off their own fat and muscle reserves until they manage to find food again.