We might finally know why cats are so obsessed with sitting in boxes


AD_158747630.jpg Special delivery (Picture: Imgur)

Cats are pretty curious creatures, but there’s one feline habit we might finally be able to explain: why the heck they’re obsessed with cramming themselves into boxes.

You’re not alone if your furry friend has totally neglected that cosy new basket or scratch post you bought him in favour of tucking himself into your latest delivery box.

Studies collated by Bryan Gardiner at Wired have revealed the three main reasons behind your feline’s affinity with boxes.

Firstly, they’re a source of stress-relief. Gardiner cites a recent study by veterinarian Claudia Vinke of Utrecht University in the Netherlands who monitored the stress levels in shelter cats.

After providing hiding boxes for a group of newly arrived domestic cats while depriving another group of them completely, she found a dramatic difference in stress levels between the two groups. In a nutshell – cats with boxes became accustomed to their new surroundings faster, seemed less stressed faster and…

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