Lunar Love

The Fickle Heartbeat

The Unspoken

Shared by Spenser Lushin.

Finding true love is like landing on the moon. only a handful of footprints are embedded in the white lunar dust on the moon. My spacesuit is cracked, mangled, and leaking air. It is barely keeping me alive, but I am alive.  I land on the moon only to jump back off into space. I jump, but I still held on tight as I cling for warmth hiding in the shadows of this starless sky. As of now I am lost in space. There is no more ship in the sky. I grab on tight only to push off with all my might, sending my ship towards Earth as I spiral towards the ocean of dark emptiness. I drift aimlessly throughout space to be alone. I see it drift farther and farther, and now it is gone. Now I drift alone in space orbiting around and…

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