Touching Giant Turtle and Never Been This Close to Manta Rays! (Derawan Trip 3/5)

Alfira Fitrananda

This is it, the most awaiting and exciting part of the trip began in the second day. SNORKELING TIME! I could not hold the excitement when the guide said we were going to snorkeling the whole day to hoping between the islands and see what’s there under the water. The “holiday” I had was not what some people expect to have the time lying on the beach while reading a book lazily, the four days three nights were full of activities. I never woke up above 6.30 am and never slept below 12.00 am. I didn’t want to waste the time not to do any activities in this adventure and after had dinner in the evening our group were sitting together, chit chat, sharing about each of our life, that definitely glued us easily although some of us haven’t ever met before with these lovely people below:


What’s there under…

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