We Are All Losing Our Attention Spans

Forever on a Lilo

Or is it just me?

In a world where the way in which we view media is becoming more and more compacted, it only makes sense that our attention spans are shortening as we look at the things around us through increasingly smaller windows.

For me the change was obvious, the very way in which I interact with visual media changing and evolving. I could chart my downfall from normal TV, to recorded programmes, to watching things on my laptop, to YouTube videos. Each step decreased the length of time which the ‘programme’ lasts, from an hour including adverts, to five to ten minutes without. And I struggle even not to check my phone during that ten minutes.

For me it’s all about the accessibility of information: I no longer need to watch things I’m only half-interested in. I can stream my favourite programmes on my computer hours after they’ve aired. If…

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