Giving Makes Your Heart Feel Full

Joyeux Parenting

“When your kids grow up in a house where giving is a priority, they start to see themselves differently because they see other people differently.  Other people become significant, and doing things for others becomes a priority.  The antidote for selfishness isn’t a theory; it’s an action, and that action is giving.”
-Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze
As the dust settles and life returns to normal after the buzz of the holidays, it is often a time for reflection.  There are a few days left of this year and people start thinking about new year’s resolutions. There are the goals that are attainable and the reaches that seem a little lofty.  But none the less, it is important to think about what can be accomplished if you try.  For these are the lessons that we can pass on to our children.
One of my favorite memories from the holiday preparation was…

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