Patience in Timing

Snow and Lilies

“You’ve been broken” were the words out of her mouth half a year ago already.

It was the truth, but you weren’t feeling broken.  You felt nothing.  No pain.  No joy.  No in between.  You just were.  And you got through.  And you never cried because you never felt.

And then God said “I will give you a heart of flesh for a heart of stone”.  But you laughed and thought of Frozen and Once Upon a Time.   They freeze hearts, rip hearts out, and squish hearts so easily in the movies and on TV.

Now they ask questions.  Are you in love?  Can you ever love?  Are you even capable of love?  Are you scared of love?  Do you want to be in love?  Time is ticking.  You’re behind everyone now.  Stupid questions and comments.  Questions that are not theirs to be answered.  Comments that never should have escaped…

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