Here’s why reading an e-book at night could be damaging your health


Hands of A Reader (Female) With A Bound Book And An E-Book. Paperback is better for your health (Picture: Getty)

Reading an e-book at night could damage your health, US doctors have warned.

Twelve people spent two weeks inside a week laboratory – and split their time evenly reading from paperback and an iPad.

A team from Harvard Medical School, which held the experiment, took regular blood sample from participants.

They found that the production of sleep hormone melatonin was reduced by reading an e-book

But feeling tired the following day may not be the only by-product of exposure to blue light at night time.

Sleep deficiency has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Lead researcher Prof Charles Czeisler told the BBC: ‘The light emitted by most e-readers is shining directly into the eyes of the reader, whereas from a printed book or the original Kindle, the reader is only exposed to reflected light from the pages of the book.

‘Sleep deficiency…

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