SLTV Star Series Season 11 finallllly


dusklight_head_large.4d4aca8a140c90b554430824cbec3d3cf4711934dusklight_mount_large.495a3fd825372bc29cd7bf21e73294cb89e043e1 dusklight_shoulder_large.ae4b7d2f91ddda62d04b0cfc8b7d1098f7d78e29 dusklight_weapon_large.d26fe8cb10576a6619706084454d965cd4f046c5 subscriptions_sltv11bundle_large.c0974f92d939371cb89e2609e1f5e3ab1481ac76 (1)

The 11th Season of SLTV’s own StarSeries. The best teams in the world compete in one of the largest Dota 2 Tournaments around for the $80,000+ prize pool. This bundle grants the Dusklight Marauder Luna Set and access to view games from SLTV Star Series Season 11.


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