Worries of the Day

Stream of Consciousness

As I made it into work (as an administrative assistant/receptionist) the tightness in my chest was worsening. Am I doing enough? Am I settling? Nothing against administrative professionals, but this is not my dream. My favorite sarcastic remark about my current career benchmark, “Yes, you too, kids, can land a lucrative job as a receptionist with your bachelor’s degree!” I slump down into my office chair stressed out after having rushed my 7 and 8-year-old children to their before school care. I lost my temper over a meltdown in the car because my 8-year-old wanted to test my patience when I asked to practice his spelling and I let him know that he spelled the word wrong. Really? Yes, child, I have a bachelor’s degree and I can’t spell third grade spelling words. I yelled, even swatted at him while I drove (they love to test what I can do…

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