Cherry Blossoms ♥

Miss Young ♥

(NOTE: This post is from a while back when I was in Seoul ^^)

My favourite season- Spring is finally here!

The trees lining up in the streets and around the lake park have begun to bloom into life with little white buds. Within a few weeks all the trees blossomed, creating an image that we are all part of a Korean drama/ movie scenery :3 The way the pastel petals fall from the trees every time the wind blows, is the most romantic scenery ever!


Sometimes when I feel like I have a lot on my mind, I go to the park and sit on a bench in a quiet area. Add a few books, good tunes and perhaps a sweet-potato-latte (yes there’s such thing in Korea) and it becomes the perfect place to be my self again. Lucky for me I live right across from the park…

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