This Is Where Ebola First Struck in 1976 and What Happened


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It began in Nzara, a town inhabited by 20,000 people living in thatch-roofed houses within the dense woods in southern Sudan. Roughly five percent of the population worked in a large cotton factory that was owned by an even larger agricultural company. The factory kept detailed records of its employees’ work hours, perhaps to keep close tabs on absenteeism. Fortunately, it also helped investigators track the pattern of a deadly virus transmission.

On June 27, 1976, one employee would not make it to his work as a storekeeper in the factory. The person, later designated by the initials YG, became very ill, experiencing severe fever, headaches, and chest pains. His brother initially nursed him at home, located 10…

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Red Pearl [Teaser]



Title : Red Pearl

Author : Seyo

Main Cast : IU, Kim Myungsoo, Yoon Doojoon etc.

 Length : multi chapter

Genre : Romance, action, little bit tragedy, friendship

Rating: PG – 13

Disclaimer :

Ini hanya fiksi random hasil imajinasi abstrak Author, cerita ini benar-benar buatan author yg terinspirasi dari film dan novel. dan tidak ada sangkut pautnya sama sekali dengan dunia nyata 😉

Poster by americadoo @ Poster Channel (gamsahamnida~)

Author’s Note:

Annyeong! seperti yg aku bilang di INTRO kalau FF aku nanti berjudul Red Pearl dan inilah hasilnya!^^ dont forget to Read, Like and Comment. BTW teaser kali ini belum dimunculkan semua castnya. But please enjoy~

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