What boys really notice on a girl at first glance

pretty little nothing



I bet you were expecting something like: figure, eyes, lips, breasts etc.

It has been proven that the first thing a boy notices on a girl is the way in which she dresses.

So, why is this?

Well, the way in which a girl dresses can give off an insight about herself too. For example: A girl in very baggy clothing but still with a great figure, shows us that she is self conscious with low self esteem. Another example: A girl walking around showing her cleavage, and wearing completely tight clothes, revealing everything she possibly can; this shows desperation. Some boys like this admittedly, but they’re the boys that only care about one thing. Sex. They’re the boys that think with their dicks. And they’re the boys that you do not want to provoke. Not if you’re looking for a true relationship that is.

Fashion also shows…

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