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Interview: Blasting Through Crime (and Time!) with Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder’s ‘Rocket Girl’

The vivid, striking, lush artwork of Amy Reeder first came to my attention in Madame Xanadu, a vastly underappreciated Vertigo series she drew with writer Matt Wagner. For all that the book made sweeping, bold approaches to setting and place, the heart of every issue was how closely Reeder holds onto the central character. She never for a moment leaves the character isolated in the magical worlds that the book created – she sticks tight to the myriad expressions and pauses of her lead.

Which is why when she joined up with writer and editor Brandon Montclare for a one-shot comic called ‘Halloween Eve’, it was so exciting. That was then my introduction to Montclare the writer, having read several of the comics he worked on as editor – and what an introduction that was. Halloween Eve is the story of a woman in a costume shop, refusing to put…

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