Paleolithic LA


Paleolithic  LA Paleolithic LA

I loved this photograph the moment I first saw it. Dan posted it on Facebook last week and I’m reposting it. I queried him about it, but he didn’t really have much more to add. He had been walking by this alley and spied the mastodon skull just lying there. Actually, I don’t know if it is a mastodon or a mammoth, anyone have a guess? He surmised that it had been a prop and was now discarded. He said that it wasn’t real. Still the picture captures a delightful juxtaposition of the still pristine mastodon skull and the dirty, trash strewn and graffiti covered alley way. There has got to be a story there, but I just don’t know it. You, the reader will have to use your imagination and come up with one. I love the rays off the blue light. They really give the photo…

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