The Sister

MW the Mermaid


‘So, we are very close friends now. I keep in touch with him so whenever he needs my support I got him.’

‘Wow, it’s been some time since I’ve loved so deeply.’

‘I shouldn’t love like this. It’s not good for myself and when any of these feelings of mine is exposed, he might get uncomfortable or, well, very scared.’

‘Love is something you have no control. That’s great love you’re experiencing. I’m proud of you.’

‘Because of this experience, I might not be capable of love anymore.’

‘Someone out there loves you the way you are loving right now. This someone will find you and love you. You’ll be moved and you’ll love him back, making the sweetest and strongest couple ever.’

I turned to my girl friend. ‘You know what makes me happy? It’s not the maybe-maybe-not him. It’s you.’

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