The Mclaren Line-Up.



Let me start by saying that I love Mclaren. I love the efficient way that they go about making some of the worlds amazing cars, without the fussiness, aggressive branding, and redness of, say… Ferrari. Some people think that this makes their cars overly clinical and robotic, but you wouldn’t say that the terminator doesn’t have character would you? mclaren-mp4-12c-07

There are two problems, as I see it, and they’re both called F1. First the sport: A couple of years ago Mclaren was top of the tree in F1 and there’s no doubting their heritage in the sport. They even had two British drivers (Lewis and Jenson), all of which is great for their identity as a British car maker, in the same way that Ferrari and Lamborghini are distinctly Italian. The fate of their 2014 season is yet to unfold, but recently the British team has fallen of the grid…

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