THIS LEGO CREATION PLAYS ACID HOUSE LIVE tumblr_n43dgf6Spq1qav3uso2_50013891549995_123ded8ba7_o legoacid tumblr_n43dgf6Spq1qav3uso1_500

Coder and PhD student Alex Allmont has made a Lego creation that plays its own version of acid house.

Yup, you read that right. Allmont put together the model for AudioGraft, a far-out music festival based in Oxford. It plays sounds based on the drums and notes particular to the Roland TB303, the synth responsible for that signature acid sound.

He told Wired that his Lego acid is not about “the white-gloves-and-whistles sort of acid house, but the more spatial stuff, inspired by artists like Plastikman and Basic Channel.” Yes mate!

He’s also revealed that the original version of the machine featured Lego bots playing the drums (see picture above, taken by Allmont), though these don’t feature on the finished product.

See (and hear) the Lego acid machine at work below and watch a walkthrough of the, quite frankly, fucking cool creation here.


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