Coco Cares

The North-East monsoon Manta Ray season was particularly exciting this year at Coco Bodu Hithi, North Male’ Atoll!

First of all, because of the number and the frequency of Manta Ray encounters. At Rasfari North and at Bodu Hithi Thila, our diving and snorkeling sites only a few minutes away from the Resort, these fascinating and harmless sea giants were spotted almost on a daily basis. We observed them mainly at their cleaning stations, a sort of “Fish Spa” location where Manta Rays gather in order to get their skin cleaned by fully dedicated cleaner fish.

They were also encountered while simply cruising and feeding on plankton along the edge of the reef or, on very special occasions, while showing their elegant courtship behavior, when an adult female is followed by several mature males in a “mating train”. Few lucky guests observed this behavior in awe of the sheer…

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