The Opposite Theory

MW the Mermaid


The wind in my ears while cycling is serenity.
The one who smiles the warmest at me is the most evil.
The friendship I trusted genuinely is an illusion.
Compliments are given to me not because they want to praise me but because they want to make the other person looks comparatively inferior.
Education is but an entry ticket; what you really need to know and understand is out there in the real world.
At a job interview you go to, you
are not the only interviewee. That is actually a mutual interview.
The strongest material breaks; the softest material bends.
The simplest food cooked by the simplest method is gourmet.
The hardship I am enduring right now in this seemingly dead end guides and leads me to my ultimate goals.
Dreams are not dreams. They are tangible and reachable.
‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’

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