A-Z of Romance: R is for Romance

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

Well of course it is.


What is Romance?

If you want the dictionary definition, romance is the feeling of excitement and mystery that comes with love, or a short and brief affair (i.e. a holiday romance). In the movies and books, romance is hearts and flowers. Chocolates, champagne, being swept off you feet… And I suppose to a certain extent that’s true – romance is all about emotions. But I don’t think it has to be excitement, mystery, or a fling. I don’t think you need to surprise your loved one to be romantic. Plus, let’s face it, if you’re trying to romance someone into a relationship, constantly springing up with bouquets of roses and bottles of plonk, serenading them at the door, could become a little bit… Well… Stalkery.

So what is romance? To me, romance is just showing someone that you love them by doing something they enjoy…

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