Cyn's Sense

There is something to be said about attraction.
Drawn, magnetized, pulled.  These are all words that describe attraction.  To me, these words are very physical.  Attraction is very physical.
Yes, there is physical attraction.  But there is emotional attraction, mental attraction, spiritual attraction, and I’m sure ways that we have never even thought of attraction.
I’m reminded of the movie, “Fatal Attraction”.  One of my favorite lines is when Glenn Close says “I will not be ignored!”  That is such a powerful statement because we all say that all the time.  Maybe we don’t make that statement but we do make it known that we won’t be ignored.  When our children are small and not paying attention to us, we physically move their face so that we can look them in the eye and tell them what we want them to know.  Most of the time they are still diverting…

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