Starcraft II And Pitch Black

Quadruple Bee

Sorry this is late, I was watching Predators….it is relevant but we’ll get to that later.

I was taking a break from this section; I was struggling to find stuff to blog on.  Then, when I was watching Pitch Black the other night I thought, don’t those mutants look a bit like Zerglings?


Now, common sense would suggest that trying to find a still for a film called Pitch Black would churn out some interested and more or less useless stills on Google.  In fact the above was a lot easier to find than logic would suggest.  Yes it may not look exactly like a Zergling but Zerglings have wings which suggests they can fly.  You can evolve Leaplings in the campagin so what’s stopping the evolution of Flaplings?

On a realism note, the hammerhead design is the same as a Hammerhead Shark’s.  Some of the theories I’ve read…

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