SquarePusher Creates Robotic Symphony

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Not familiar with the sounds of Z-Machines? Well you better look into them, the band is coming straight out of Japan and they offer a unique twist on music, mainly because they are comprised entirely of robots. Interesting right? Well the creation garnered such a positive response that the band recently made an offer to UK-based electronic artist Squarepusher to compose a song for the trio. Squarepusher happily responded, and the end result is a melody that’s equal parts haunting and upbeat, equal parts mechanical and emotional. The track is called “Sad Robot Goes Funny.”

Squarepusher stated “My first idea was about the robots being sad because they are just treated by the public as entertainment machines, and all of their other qualities are neglected” speaking about the Robots, adding “And so this sadness comes out in the music they play, and strangely becomes one of the reasons why the public likes them because they seem to be able to evoke strong emotions in their audience.” He also stated that he wanted to prove people wrong who said that in order for music to have emotional attachment it must be played by humans. Interesting. Check out the image up top, as well as the video, and speak your mind on it after the jump.


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