“Visualize, Change Your Thoughts, Do the Impossible”

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“Okay, here’s the skinny.  The answer to your question.  The way, the light, the door.  The most overlooked truth in reality.  And the one that requires the most “uncommon sense” to fully grasp:

When it comes to effecting change (big or little, but especially big), manifesting the life of your dreams, or getting that perfect parking space, “thinking” is immeasurably more valuable when used to imagine what you want – the end result – than to figure out how you’re going to get it.

Visualize.  Every single day.

(Signed)    The Universe”   (Mike Dooley, ‘Notes from the Universe, March 3, 2014)



“For most of us it’s a radical opinion, at least initially, to believe that our problems can be relinquished at will.  After all, they seem so integral to all the experiences we’re having.  Indeed they are; however, our experiences mirror our thoughts about ourselves and the people…

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