Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System

efec_light_kicks_inuse_tap efec_light_kicks

Add amazing Multi-Color LED light effects to any pair of shoes
Great for dancing, clubbing, grocery shopping
Effects can be synchronized with your stepping
Five different modes provide awesome light show variations
Constant on – A single color is always displayed.
Flash – A single color will flash once every time you take a step.
Strobe – A single color will blink 3 times every time you take a step.
Fade – A single color will fade on and off again every time you take a step.
Smooth – Two colors will alternate every time you take a step.
Included IR remote allows each foot to be programmed independently
16 different colors and adjustable brightness
Intended for shoes 4″+ wide with at least 3″ of lacing on the front (athletic shoes, combat boots, hiking boots, work boots, some men’s and women’s oxfords and boat shoes)
Batteries: 6 1.5V AAA batteries (not included) and 1 3V CR2025 button cell battery for remote (included)
Automatically turn off after 2 minutes if no steps or remote actions are detected
Dimensions: Light strips are 4 1/2″ wide, 7″ long
Includes 2 light strips and one IR remote
Not water-resistant


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