Navy SEAL Designed Push Up Improvement Plan

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I personally think everyone who works out regularly should be able to do at least 20 straight push ups minimum. I would hope everyone strives to go over 50, but if you can’t you can learn how. And if you are going to learn anything, learn from the best, so to take your max to the next level, here is a push up plan designed by former Navy SEAL Stew Smith:

On Odd Days

Do 200 pushups in as few sets as possible in addition to your regularly scheduled workout of cardio exercises. You can still do upper body workouts on these days if you are already on a program. This is a supplemental 200 pushups using maximum repetition sets (4 x 50, 8 x 25 … it’s your choice how you get to 200).

On Even Days

Do 200 pushups throughout the day. This can be little sets of…

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