Playstation News – The Hero Little Big Planet Needs and Deserves

Nothing Is True


The latest update for ‘Little Big Planet’ has brought the world of Batman in the form of the second DC Comic Books Costume Pack. Available as part of the DC Costume Season pass or individually for £4.79 from the PSN Store. The Costume Pack comes with the following:

Batman Costume: Batman Mask, Batman Suit, Batman Gloves, Batman Utility Belt, Batman Trousers, Batman Boots, Bat Cape.

Joker Costume: Joker Hair, Joker Eyebrows, Joker Teeth, Joker Suit Jacket, Joker Gloves, Joker Suit Trousers, Joker Dress Shoes, Joker Make-Up.

Harley Quinn Costume: Harley Quinn Hair, Harley Quinn Eyes, Harley Quinn Cape, Harley Quinn Corset, Harley Quinn Skirt, Harley Quinn Hammer, Harley Quinn Skin.

Poison Ivy Costume: Poison Ivy Hair, Poison Ivy Suit, Poison Ivy Gloves, Poison Ivy Skin.

Batgirl Costume: Batgirl Mask, Batgirl Suit, Batgirl Gloves, Bat Cape.

Sources – Playstation Blog and Little Big Planet

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