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TRANS] “I have no memories of spending Christmas freely since I debuted. If possible, I want to spend my Christmas in Germany. Actually, this is all because of Noh Hongchul oppa. He sat Yoo Inna unnie and I down and bragged to us about spending Christmas in Germany, making us want to go there badly too. So with sparkly eyes, unnie and I decided to go there together one day. It’s a pity that we’ve yet to make it come true, but I really want to go there once sometime. And eat a lot of yummy food too! I really like to visit good restaurants. You didn’t know that did you?” – #IU IU (Instyle magazine November 2013 issue)


2 thoughts on “IU

  1. anneskha says:

    She is the singer/actress in “You’re the best, Lee Soon Shin”, right?

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