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Battle lines / Andy McNab

Battle lines / Andy McNab

Set both in Afghanistan and the UK, ‘Battle Lines’ revolves around a close knit group of soldiers and their friends, families and loved ones.
Description The gripping follow-up to the bestselling War Torn . Writing with Kym Jordan, Andy McNab has created a stunning sequel to his bestselling novel War Torn which detailed the lives of a close-knit team of soldiers fighting on the frontline in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and those of their loved ones left behind at base in England. Like its predecessor, Battle Lines is at once a gritty, close-to-the-action, present day thriller and an involving look at the stresses and strains which divided families and relationships suffer when separated by thousands of miles and a wealth of experience. This is real life, brought brilliantly to life, by Andy McNab, whose continued involvement with the men and women of the British Army gives this extraordinary novel its authenticity, its toughness and its heart.